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Central South Island Hunting

Many of Central South Island's larger riverbeds and lakes are public lands. Irrespective of this, it is important to advise the adjoining landowner when you wish to hunt these areas. That common courtesy often results in the farmer providing useful information and better access.

Depending on water levels the council has between 9 and 13 stands available for hunting the opening weekend on wetlands it owns or manages. These are balloted annually and invitations to apply are advertised in local papers in February or early March. Chukor hunting within the Central South Island region is by permit only, click here for more information.

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Central South Island hunting News

Central South Island Reel Life OCT 2016

High country waters open on the first Saturday in November in the CSI region, this year the first Saturday is November 5th.


Central South Island Both Barrels Jul 2016

The traditional game bird hunting season is drawing to a close in the Central South Island Region.


South Islanders still have a month of duck shooting to go!

Don’t put away the guns just yet; you still have a month to go!

South Island game bird hunters have until the end of July to harvest most Game bird species.

You can shoot until 31 July throughout the island for Grey, Mallard and Shoveller ducks.


Central South Island Both Barrels Jun 2016

CSI is the fastest place in NZ to get Mallards on the dinner table


Opening weekend was a cracker weather-wise and the hunting was pretty good too.